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Use 8 basic HTML Tags for Content Structure in SEO

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For a better grasp of SEO, advanced themes also offer basic HTML elements for their content structure. such as title, meta description, h, etc. here we are going to know about 8 html tags elements for seo friendly content structure so it will help you to find out most out of themes for your websites.

It is important to fully understand your site’s HTML structure as an SEO tactic. The inspection from Google will improve as a result of optimising the HTML structure, which will result in a higher display.
This time, I’ll go over eight tags that are crucial for SEO-friendly HTML structure.

Title tag

title tag for seo

The title tag is used to set the title of the web page . The title set here will also be displayed in the browser tag and search result list. The title tag plays an important role for Google crawlers to determine search rankings.

<title> This is Page title</title>

Key points for creating a title

  • As a guide, the number of characters is about 35 characters.
  • Include keywords that show the characteristics of the site.
  • Make sure there is no difference between the first view of the page and the content of the title

Meta tag

The meta tag is a tag that describes additional information on the page by describing it in <head> to </ head> of the html page . It is used for various purposes, but ” keyword ” and ” description ” are effective for SEO.


Describe important keywords.

<meta name="keyword" content="Blogging, SEO, WordPress,……">


Describe the site introduction. The introductory text written here will be displayed on search screens such as Google and Bing.

<meta name="description" content="Content Description……">

By including the keywords you want to appear higher in the “keyword” and “description”, the search engine crawler will recognize it as information about the subject.

H tag

The h tag is used to set the page heading. There are h1 to h6, and they are described in order as follows.

<h1>Content title</h1>
   <h3>Points for batter SEO</h3>

Points for using h tags

  • Use only one or two h1 tags per page
  • Be sure to use h tags in order, such as h1 → h2 → h3 …
  • Do not use h tag to change font size
  • Keep headlines concise, including important keywords

Canonical tag

The canonical tag is used to tell search engine crawlers which page is the most important when there are duplicate pages on your site. If multiple URLs are registered in the search index , the SEO rating will be scattered, so the canonical tag plays an important role in summarizing the SEO rating.

<link rel="canonical" href="">

If you need a canonical tag

  • “Http and https” and ” www with and without” are mixed on one site
  • Even for the same product, the page URL is divided due to different colors and models .
  • URL is different between PC and smartphone

List tag

List tags are used for bulleting. It is said that by using list tags, crawlers determine that the keywords are more important than regular paragraphs.

The description method differs depending on whether the list has numbers or not.

For Bullet's
<li>Bullet 1</li>
<li>Bullet 2</li>
<li>Bullet 3</li>

For numbers
<li>Number 1</li>
<li>Number 2</li>
<li>Number 3</li>

A tag

The a tag is used when linking to other pages.

<a href=" PageURL">Text URL</a>

If you want to open the link in another tab, it will be as follows. Please note that there is a half-width space between href = “” and target = “_ blank”.

<a href=” PageURL” target=”_blank”>Text URL</a>

Point of using a tag

  • Put the countermeasure keyword of the linked page in the link text
  • If you don’t want the linked page to get SEO rating, use “rel =” no follow “”

Alt attribute

The alt attribute is one of the img elements needed to display an image. If the image cannot be displayed because it serves as a description of the image, the description content of the alt attribute is displayed. The description content of the alt attribute is also displayed in the image search. When you link to an image, it plays the same role as the anchor text.

<img src=”/wp-content/alt-image.jpg” alt=”alt text”>

P tag

The p tag is used when creating a paragraph. You can make the text easier to read and adjust the line spacing. When used correctly, it can properly convey the document structure to the crawler and affect SEO evaluation.


List tags, br tags ( tags used for line breaks ), etc. are often confused because the pages look the same, but both have completely different meanings from paragraphs. Please note that if you do not use them properly , the wrong document structure will be transmitted to the crawler.

SEO depends on whether you can transmit site structure to search engines.

The basis of SEO is “how correctly the search engine crawler can convey the measures keywords, contents, and document structure of the page”.


The rating that search engines assign to your website or page is the primary factor that determines where it falls in the search results. Search engines take into account a wide variety of factors, including the content of a page and the structure of its links; the results that have the highest ratings are displayed first.

In the past, search engine optimization techniques were subject to a far higher level of spam than they are now. Google has always use a wide variety of methods, both currently and in the past, to evaluate (rank) websites in order to provide consumers with more relevant material. However, there were many opportunities for manipulating because the logic behind the judgement was not as obscure as it is now.

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It’s a well-known myth that websites that have more backlinks have a better chance of being featured at the top of search results. This is due to the fact that Google used logic to determine that a website that acquires a lot of backlinks (also known as external links) will undoubtedly be a page that has a high rating. However, things are not as easy as they once were.

The “method” approach is something that can be stated to be consistent across all of the previous SEO measurements.

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