Rank Math SEO Review

Rank Math SEO Review: A Good SEO Plugin for Even WordPress Beginners

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If you’re looking for an SEO plugin, you’ve probably heard of Rank Math SEO. But is Rank Match better than All in One SEO Pack or Yoast SEO?

Rank Match is loaded with dozens of features that are not available in the free version of other SEO plugins. This is the main difference.

If you want to get organic traffic, you should pay attention not to counting useful features in an SEO plugin, but to decide how you will create content that people will like.

If you have another SEO plugin installed, I don’t think Rank Math SEO will drastically change your site’s ranking in search engines. If this is your first SEO plugin, then you are in luck – Rank Match is very easy to work with.

What is Rank Math SEO

Rank Math SEO is a free WordPress plugin that helps you optimize website content for search engines.

The plugin was created in 2018 by developers from New Delhi (India). The plugin is available in 23 languages ​​with over 1 million installs in total.

Rank Math differs from other SEO plugins with a large set of features. There are about 200 features in total , many of which are available in the free version.

Rank Math also can be used for:

  • Bloggers
  • Online shopping sites
  • Information sites
  • Business websites
  • News sites
  • Startups
  • Real estate websites
  • Announcement Sites
  • Artists and photographers
  • Owners of any WordPress sites.

Why You Need an SEO Plugin

The main thing to know about SEO plugins, without exception, is that they cannot optimize your site for search engines for you. The SEO plugin only tells you what needs to be changed in the content so that you have a chance to rank at the top of the SERPs. 

To do or not to do is up to you. There are no guarantees that by following all the advice of an SEO plugin, you will outperform your competitor and traffic from the search will flow like water.

The SEO plugin can check if you overdid the keyword in the article, but it won’t come up with the perfect title and description for you that will attract visitors from Yandex and Google searches.

Rank Math SEO analysis the keyword suggests
Rank Math SEO analysis the keyword suggests

See examples of SEO tips that Rank Match advises to consider in texts:

  • The presence of the keyword in the title and description
  • Volume of content – ​​the more the better
  • Availability of internal and external links
  • Keyword Density – Too Much Means “Bad”
  • URL Length – Short Means “ Good ”
  • and many other parameters, more than 70 tests in total.

These are all the basic SEO requirements for the content you publish. 

According to Backlinko research , 1000-2000 words is considered the ideal content length.

Is it possible to do without Rank Math or similar SEO plugins?

Yes, that’s possible. 

You can write a good article without SEO knowledge. At the same time, there is a chance to get the first position in the search results. 

If this happens, it can be considered lucky. 

For example, you write an article on a topic that suddenly becomes super popular. 

Key Benefits of Rank Math SEO

If you’re serious about blogging, you need at least some sort of SEO tool. Since your site is powered by WordPress , you can now create an XML sitemap or set a human-readable URL for an article.

But Rank Math SEO will give you so much more.

After installing the plugin, you will have access to professional SEO tools such as SEO content analysis, redirect setup, keyword ranking, snippet editing, and more.

If there is a feature related to search engine optimization, then for sure you will use it in Rank Match, because this plugin constantly monitors changes in Google search algorithms.

So what makes Rank Match a powerful SEO plugin?

Rank Match shows the overall SEO health of the entire site – a score of 100 means that the site and content are well optimized for search engines.

But perfect results are hard to come by. 

Before you fix mistakes in titles, meta description, links, keywords, and a host of other SEO parameters, it will take many hours.

After a major overhaul of the site, you will take a higher position in Yandex and Google. Therefore, the work is worth it.

Do an in-depth SEO analysis of your blog here – rankmath.com . It’s free. This way you will know how well your articles are optimized for search.

Can optimize up to 5 keywords

Rank Math SEO allows you to get tips for 5 keywords in one article.

This is the main reason why most bloggers choose Rank Match over Yoast or All in One where there is a single keyword limit.

Keyword position statistics

With the help of Rank Match, you will connect Google Search Console to your blog , a service for webmasters that tracks the performance of a site in Google search. 

Right in the WordPress admin panel, you will have access to important information:

  • Keywords for which your blog is featured in searches
  • Total number of keywords
  • Positions of blog pages by keywords (+ impressions and clicks)
  • Top 5 Best and Worst Keywords
  • Keyword position history (up to 6 months)
  • Page traffic statistics.

The Rank Math SEO statistics do not match the data from the Google console, the plugin only tracks keywords from the first hundred positions.

In addition, in Rank Match you will find a keyword manager that compares the positions of several keywords.

Micropage layout

Micro-markup will help your blog stand out from the competition.

How it works? 

Markup improves the website snippet in search results. A snippet is a block of information about a website that appears in search results.

There are many differences. 

The advantage of a micro marked website is that it visually looks more attractive in search results, takes up more space and contains more useful information. 

There are 18 micro -markup schemes available to you in Rank Match:

  • Article – schema for a regular informational article. Helps search engines understand the content of the article: title, date, main image
  • Book – an outline for a book review. Displays information about the book in the snippet: rating, review, author name, ISBN, date, title, version (paperback or hardcover)
  • Courses – A diagram for an overview of an online course. The snippet will include the course description, rating, review, name of the organization, link to the training
  • Event – ​​a scheme for a public event. Rating, description, type of event (business meeting, concert, exhibition, sale, etc.), status (open, pending, closed, etc.), mode (online, offline), link to the event, cost, and others will appear in the snippet intelligence
  • Questions (FAQ) – a scheme for answers and questions. This scheme indicates to search engines that the page has a section with frequently asked questions. The snippet will appear in the search provided that you format the answer correctly: the text with the question and answer is available on the page, there are no ads, there are no insults and calls for violence. This should be the answer to a popular question
  • Vacancy – the scheme is useful for job search sites or ads
  • Other Schemas : Music, Person, Product, Recipe, Restaurant, Service, Software, Video, Blog Posting, Breadcrumbs, Digital Downloads Schema, Item List Schema, Local SEO Schema, News Article, Link Search Box Schema, WooCommerce Schema.

Forwarding and Monitoring 404 Errors

With Rank Math SEO, you can set up page redirects on your blog. 

It’s nice that this can be done even in the free version, while other SEO plugins, including the famous Yoast SEO, do not.

There are different types of redirects available:

  • Permanent movement – 301
  • Temporary relocation – 302
  • Temporary redirect – 307
  • Content deleted – 410
  • Content is not available for legal reasons.

Automatic sitemap

Rank Match generates an XML sitemap and updates it when you change existing content or add a new blog post. 

No need to install an additional plugin or create a sitemap through an online service – the Rank Match plugin will do everything automatically.

Rank math sitemap
Rank Math Sitemap

Modular system

Rank Math SEO consists of modules that can be enabled and disabled. This means that you can leave only the functionality that you need on the site, and disable the rest of the modules.

There are different modules available to function your site, here are the most interesting ones:

  1. Monitoring 404 – here you can find out how often visitors encounter non-existent pages on the website
  2. Analytics – information about the performance of the website in Google
  3. Schema – activates Schema.org microdata in articles and pages
  4. Content AI – artificial intelligence suggestions for keywords, questions and links (paid only)
  5. Image SEO – The plugin will automatically fill in Alt and Title tags for images that don’t have them
  6. Instant indexing – the plugin will notify search engines if you update an article or page,
  7. Link Count – Count internal and external links
  8. Redirect – here you can set up a redirect between pages
  9. SEO analysis – detailed analysis of the site and content, more than 70 different tests
  10. Web Story – Stories Sitemap, title and description for your web stories,
  11. Sitemap – the plugin creates a sitemap and updates it automatically

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Rank Math SEO Plugin Free Pro Version

Here are the main reasons why you should not install a hacked (nulled) version of Rank Math SEO, and, in fact, any other similar plugin or program:

  • Dangerous viruses – malicious code, which is most likely hardwired into a hacked plugin, can deprive you of access to your own website. Moreover, search engines can throw your site out of search due to viruses. 
  • Loss of confidential data – your name, e-mail and passwords will fall into the hands of unscrupulous programmers. Customer questions and personal data that they send through the contact form on the site may be duplicated in the intruder’s mailbox
  • Visitor complaints – a pirated plugin can install spam links, ads on your site, or even redirect visitors to fraudulent sites. Such links are hidden in the code, so they are hard to see. Search engines will detect suspicious activity and impose sanctions on your site 
  • Problem with the law – if you use a hacked version of the plugin, then you violate the copyright of the developer and you do not have the legal right to use the plugin. As a rule, the developer knows on which domains his software is installed, therefore, you can get a lawsuit
  • No updates – forget about new features and bug fixes, the pirated plugin won’t download any new updates. One day this will lead to a major glitch that cannot be fixed – all plugins need to be updated to keep up with the latest changes in WordPress. 

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