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URL link shorteners are becoming increasingly popular among bloggers and community managers due to the ubiquity of social media. But why do people choose to use these link reducers? In this article, I will discuss the benefits of URL link shortening and provide 15 recommended tools that can be used to easily and freely shorten your links.

What is a URL Shortening Tool?

A link shortener is a tool or service that transforms a long URL into a shorter, more manageable link. This helps to make sharing links on social networks like Twitter easier, as these sites limit the number of characters in a post. The aim is to make the link as short as possible, so it is easier to share.

Short URL links work by sending redirects to the original website page URL and this allows you to track every click that goes to that page and still have a detailed statistical report.

What are the advantages of shortening URLs?

When you share posts on social networks, you may find it unappealing to have extra long URLs that can spoil the visual appearance of your posts. This link shortener allows you to overcome these problems and can make your URLs look more professional, credible and attractive. Interesting posts on social media with urls that look credible and professional, of course, can encourage more people to share or share these posts.

Another advantage is that you can customize your URL, which will make it easier to remember. Also very useful for hiding your original URL, for example when it is an affiliate link.

Finally, most URL shorteners allow you to track clicks. This way, you’ll still get statistical reports on your shortened links (examples like number of clicks, number of impressions, source of clicks or geolocation).

Without waiting any longer, here are 15 ways to shorten URL links :

1. Bit.ly

Bitly is the most popular link shortening tool, and does not require registration to access its basic features. You can also customize your URL to use any name you want. With a registered account, you can also access statistical reports such as the number of clicks your link got, date and time of click, geolocation, and number of shares.

The main strength of Bit.ly is that you can retrieve the links that you have created because they are already stored in your account and through bit.ly you can also customize your URL according to what you want.

2. Cutt.ly

Cutt.ly is a very simple and functional URL shortener developed in Poland. It provides access to a number of statistical reports and you can customize the URL alias to use any name you want.

.Just like its competitor Bitly, it provides access to a number of statistical reports (device type, number of clicks, geolocation, browser, operating system, etc.). You can customize the URL alias to use any name you want. This feature can be especially useful for links or links created for affiliate purposes.

3. Ow.ly

Ow.ly is a link shortener integrated into the social media management solution better known as HootSuite. You can shorten links without registration, and can easily share files, images and videos in all kinds of formats. With a registered account, you can automatically program posts in the buffer and track statistics for those links.

4. Buffer

Buffer is a direct competitor of Hootsuite, and offers to shorten links automatically when included in a post. You can also track statistics for those links to see how many clicks you’re getting with a registered account.

Once you are registered, you can directly program your posts in the buffer. Every time you include a link in your post, Buffer will immediately shorten the link automatically. You can also track statistics for those links to see how many clicks you’re getting. Unfortunately, this Buffer is not very complete when compared to Ow.ly with Hootsuite.

5. Rebrandly

Rebrandly is an ultra minimalist but highly efficient short link shortener generator. This tool allows you to get statistics and you can also share those shortened urls in one click on your social media. The advantage of Rebrandly is the feature to shorten links using your own brand domain.

6. AdF.ly

AdF.ly offers you url link shortening tools in an interesting way. AdF.ly works by offering its users to earn money for using its services. The more clicks you get on your AdF.ly link, the more money you will earn via Paypal (Payouts start from $5, Around 70,000 Rupiah).
Even though this number is relatively small, it can be interesting if you can generate a lot of clicks on the url that you shorten. You will also get detailed statistics for each link when you register.

7. Shorturl.at

The Shorturl.at tool interface allows you to automatically publish and shorten your URL to your Twitter or Facebook page. Not much different from other url shortening tools, shorturl.at also provides statistical reports for you if you sign up for its premium service at a cost of $ 9 per month (About 130,000 Rupiah).

8. TinyURL

TinyURL is probably one of the most popular link shorteners in the past, and many still use it today. Even though the device’s interface looks a bit outdated, this device that was founded 18 years ago still has many interesting features. Specifically, these tools ensure that shortened URLs never expire. TinyURL also offers to visualize the content of a link as a pop-up before clicking on it.

9. Bit.do

Bit.do is one place you can visit if you want to shorten your links. Almost the same as other websites, the Bit.do link shortener is very easy to use. You can also shorten links on Bit.do without creating an account and registering. And the most interesting thing is that you can customize this link from bit.do to your liking.

10. T2M

T2M  shorter

T2M offers services to shorten your links. Apart from that, T2M also allows you to check the traffic that came with the shortened link. For other additional features that are no less sophisticated is the QR code creation feature as well. How? Are you interested in using T2M?

11. Tiny.cc

Shortening URLs anonymously may not always be a good idea. Why is that? Because usually anonymous URLs have expiration dates or expiration dates. Tiny.cc is one place where you can shorten URLs, either anonymously or registered. Not only shorten URLs, Tiny.cc can also help you track, and manage URLs. Coupled with additional functions, namely generating QR codes.

12. Soo.gd

Soo.gd is also a website that you can use when shortening links. All you need to do is copy the long original link and paste it into Soo.Gd. Voila! be a short link that you are ready to spread across various marketing channels. Very easy, right? Oh yes, Soo.Gd also provides a Smart Multi URL Shortener !

13. bl.ink

bl.ink is a place where you can shorten and shorten URL links easily. The bl.ink dashboard is also quite user friendly. But the BL.INK function doesn’t just shorten your link, but you can also simultaneously use the custom link feature and track the location of the person who clicked, the device used, to the language they use every day after sharing the link.

14. s.id

s.id is link management in one website platform. This platform offers 3 main functions, namely link management, statistical reports and easy mobility. But what really matters here is its link management function. This function allows you to create and organize links so that visitors can easily remember them and can also be customized to help brand your product on the internet.

15. Is.gd

is.gd is a free service for shortening web addresses and other URLs. Is.gd is very useful in many circumstances. For example, when you want to send a link address via SMS and the number of characters is limited. Apart from that, Is.gd can also help you customize your link.

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Bitly, Cutt.ly, Ow.ly, Buffer, Rebrandly, AdF.ly, Shorturl.at, TinyURL, Bit.do, T2M, Tiny.cc, Soo.gd, bl.ink, s.id, and Is.gd are all popular link shortening tools that allow users to shorten URLs for free. These tools provide features such as statistical reports, custom link creation, QR code generation, link management, and integration with social media. Some of these tools even offer the ability to earn money. These tools can be useful for sharing links on social media, sending links via SMS, or customizing links to help brand products on the internet.

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