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Top 5 SEO Chrome Extension for Developers & Bloggers

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Here we are talking about Google Chrome Extensions, which may be used for SEO, one of the most important parts of your web development. SEO extensions will help you develop more productivity skills. In short, this is an easy way to do SEO for bloggers and developers.

If you ever searched for chrome extensions for SEO (search engine optimizations), web developments, coding, dark mode, google search SERP count, and sticky notes on web pages. here is all we covered,

In this article, we are going to check out some most important Chrome extensions Which will make your work a lot easier.  If you have been searching for one thing for years and cannot find it, then I can understand how it feels.

So let’s move forward with our article, You can easily find your desired Google extension if you find it suitable for work.

Chrome Extensions for SEO

1. Keywords Everywhere

If you are journalist, writer or our research II you can try keywords everywhere extension it is the best Google Chrome extension where you can find all the keywords in Google search result at one place,

Keywords Everywhere is a FREE browser add-on for Chrome & Firefox that shows search volume, CPC & competition on websites used by Internet Marketers.

you don’t need to find related keywords in Google at the bottom just search and check on the right panel it may also provide the unique volume of every keyword. With not only keywords but also shows the Monthly and Early Search Volume.

2. Grammarly

There is no explanation for this extension because you may see in this extension ad on YouTube, this is not just an extension, but a powerful app where you can use for your offline Google docs and Microsoft Word.

Grammarly is an advanced, full-featured grammar and spell checker that integrates with almost anything you write online.

However, Grammarly does not help you to find all misuses of correctly spelt, but misplaced words. It sometimes does not recognize poorly constructed sentences.

Grammarly comes with its key features in the paid version.

3. Clipboard History Pro

Allows you to manage your clipboard history and improve performance when working with text notes.

Clipboard history is the best Chrome extension for your copied text, links.

This extension can save your text for 45 days. Even I am using it myself.

Here Are the key features of Clipboard History Pro

  • Mobile Sync
  • Floating Mode
  • Password Lock
  • Page Widget
  • Other free and useful features:

– Merge few clips into a new one
– Add tags to history items
– Edit copied items
– Make full-page screenshots
– Manual backups & restore
– Detect the page URL of a copied text
– Export chosen items to JSON, Text, or CSV

4. Dark Reader

If you are fond of working for a long time and working long hours causes pain in your head, then this extension is right for you.

Dark Reader does not only invert bright colours but making them high contrast and easy to read at night. You can adjust brightness, contrast, sepia filter, dark mode chrome extension is the best works for all websites.


  • Toggle site button adds the current site into the ignore list (or removes it from there).
  • On/Off switch enables or disables the extension.
  • Click on the links under the buttons to modify the hotkeys for the extension.
    Note: If the toggle button is greyed-out, it means that browser restricts injecting scripts into the current page.

5. Google Keep

This is the best Google Chrome extension where you can save all the links and note just typing on the Google Keep icon. It will also save your web page where you leave the links, text and notes. Personally,

I will recommend you to use this extension in your regular basis.

So these were some of the special extensions that I do myself and always trust them.

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